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March 21, 2009
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Sissy Baby Furries by AdultBabyDiaperGal Sissy Baby Furries by AdultBabyDiaperGal
Purr purr =^-^= These furry sweeties need someone to pet and cuddle them! I have bunny, teddy cub and kitty sissy babies up for adoption! *giggle*

From request I will give this drawing a story and I'll try to give my new drawings stories too. I think it would be more fun!


Out on the look out for a job Frances really loved working with animals and he wanted the tough jobs like taking care of alligators or sharks to show off to his wife with what he thought was manly. Every time he tried he had many doors closed on him. Then there were no more places. His wife Kimberly thought this was very silly and suggested a very nice place to where he can work with animals. Frances looked and saw it was a very cute place where people buy puppies and kittens. He was flabbergasted but he knew there where not any other places. Kimberly happened to know the owner and set him up there. The day came and when he met everyone there he saw they were all very sexy and cute ladies, suddenly he felt very comfortable there. He noticed they were all wearing very pink and cute satin uniforms. They wearing frilly short shorts and a vest with a frilly white satin blouse underneath. They all had the stores label of a kitty & bunny hugging each other on their vests. He loved that on them but didn't know if he would like that on him. Katrina the owner showed him to the changing room and showed him his new uniform, it was male clothing but it was just as pink and cute too, with frilly satin pants and a satin top with the same vest. He said "but this will make me look like a sissy" Katrina said "When we are selling cute baby animals we want everything and everyone to look super cute. Don't pout sweetie you are going to love it." She left while giving Frances a slap on his behind. When he walked out in the new outfit all the girls awed, hugged him and congratulated him on joining. As the day went on he found himself loving getting to work with cute animals and being around sexy girls. When it was almost time to go Katrina said all our employees need to be relaxed throughout the day so she gave him some tapes that were a must to listen to while he sleeps that were for "relaxing" and the employee need to be healthy too so she will put him on a diet with some "vitamin" pills to take. The next day Frances certainly did feel a lot more relaxed and he had a strange urge to take care of his looks more like shaving his legs and styling his hair. The girls said his legs looked gorgeous that way and one girl said he should wear the frilly short shorts like the other girls to show them off. Frances blushed at that. Looking in the mirror he thought it was strange that he seems to have a more petite and skinny body. It looks like his muscles have diminished. He asked Katrina what could be in the vitamins. She replied, "I added a little special ingredients with them, your wife didn't like how you were acting so mean and trying to be macho all the time. So she signed you up to make you into an adorable sissy like the other girls! They were guys at one time too." France tried to run for the door but Katrina grabbed his arm he found it very hard to move. "See those pills made you as weak as a baby, I can even pick you up and snuggle with you like a baby." Then Katrina certainly did pick him up and snuggle him all over. Frances tried to pull away but found himself loving it and even let out a some giggles. He thought thats unlike him and realized the tapes must have had something subliminal to turn into cute sissy. Katrina said "Don't you love this honey." Frances nodded yes. Katrina said "Now I think it is a good idea to put you in our girls outfits" She lead Frances into the changing room and out came the most adorable sissy! Katrina said for for him go show it off to the other girls. As soon as they laid eyes on the new blossoming sissy they gasped at how sweet he looked. One of the girls said she wanted to play dress up with him and another said if he is going to be a sissy why not give him lots of those pills? The girls all grinned at the thought of making him completley sissified. They had about ten pills that Frances swallowed. Frances shrank from 6 ft to 5.7 ft, he felt his body becoming more curved and he felt his top become tighter as he grew some B cups. Frances felt his mind washed in sissy joy. Katrina suddenly yelled "Girls! How much did you give Frances??" They said "10 Miss Katrina." Katrina said "Anymore than five at once and they will become a sissy baby, Frances is probably going to act like a baby girl now. We can't have a baby girl taking care of our baby animals." Frances was shocked when she felt herself wet her panties. Katrina said "but we have some Baby Sisters our new baby girl can play with. They were other sissies whose wifes wanted to make them into cute babies." Since then its been a couple weeks and Frances's new name is Fifi the bunny girl. Now she does modelling for the Pet Shop dressed in cute bunny outfits! Here she is with her other new Baby Sisters, Kimberly loves her new baby bunny girl!

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)
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this-twiztid-bitch Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
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okay am I only one who thinks she's psycho?
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